The Reason Lincoln Had to Die

By Don Thomas


After 150 Years, the Greatest Crime in U.S. History Is Solved!

Since 1865, the U.S. government and leading historians have declared the assassination of Abraham Lincoln a mystery. Without evidence or credible witnesses, they have alleged that the Confederacy was behind the killer, John Wilkes Booth, even though every accused Confederate mastermind (Davis, his administration and his secret service in Canada) has been found not guilty. It has never been determined who Booth's masters were, nor their motive. Until now!

Finally, the men behind Booth can be known, along with their reason for attempting to eliminate President Lincoln and U.S. Secretary of State William Seward.

This astonishing book reveals:

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    The architects of Lincoln's assassination

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    How the Civil War was extended nearly a year in order to achieve a political goal

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    Multiple Union agents within Booth's gang

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    How the crime was covered up and the guilty parties protected

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    Damning evidence other historians have overlooked or chosen to ignore.

Rather than rephrasing old theories and the prevailing conjecture, Don Thomas uses the letters, telegrams and memoirs of the period's power brokers to illuminate the political climate of Washington D.C. during the last years of the Civil War. With a logical, forensic treatment of evidence, testimonies and correspondence, the author debunks the myths and lies, and identifies the one and only faction that ever had a motive, the means and the opportunity to kill President Lincoln and Secretary of State Seward on the night of April 14, 1865.

Most astonishing of all is that dozens of documents and artifacts proving Lincoln's murder was an inside job have not been hidden, they simply have not been highlighted by historians. In 1977, a document was discovered that removes all doubt that Booth was the unwitting pawn of the U.S. War Department, doing the bidding of a faction within Lincoln's own party.


  • Introduction
  • 19 fascinating chapters
  • 47 photos & illustrations
  • Epilogue
  • Bibliography
  • Extensive author's notes
  • 5 appendices
  • Lexical index