Concerning Lincoln's Assassination

How They Got Away with Murder
by Don Thomas


NEW EVIDENCE: Booth and his helpers, Herold and Atzerodt, all mentioned "the others," a "crowd" from New York, among whom were minstrels, and with whom Booth worked to kill Lincoln. For the first time in history, Thomas identifies people in and around this crowd. The War Department identified several of them, but took no actions to prosecute them.

The Capitalists Who Supported Lincoln's Rise and Demanded His Fall

by Don Thomas

An examination of the economic and political forces that made Lincoln's career possible, and made his removal necessary.

Edwin Stanton Prolongs the War

by Don Thomas

Eleven months before Lee's surrender, Major General Benjamin Butler was positioned to take Petersburg, Virginia, with an overwhelming force. Confederate reinforcements were detained, creating a two- to three-day window of opportunity to take this vital crossroads city, only 30 miles from Richmond. But a major, strategic Union victory just weeks before the Republican nomination was the last thing Lincoln's enemies wanted.

George Atzerodt's Confession
Annotated by Don Thomas

George Atzerodt, after ten days in a floating dungeon, tried to lighten his fate by telling the War Department all he knew about Booth's plans to assassinate Lincoln. He named everyone in the old kidnapping gang, plus several others that have strangely remained absent from prosecution and history books.