The Reason Lincoln Had to Die
by Don Thomas

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About the Book
The Reason Lincoln Had to Die is a modest-sized book, but jam-packed with information.  Though it is an exciting and fascinating book, it is not possible to absorb all the details and implications in a single read.

To assist dedicated students of history, the book contains multiple study tools, including a bibliography, extensive notes, five appendices and an index.

The contents of the book are as follows:
Introduction 15 - One Man
01 - The Condemned 16 - Means of Escape
02 - Two Conspiracies 17 - The Stacked Deck
03 - Cause for Alarm 18 - Testimony vs. Evidence
04 - Desperation 19 - "How Impotent Is Justice!"
05 - Last Chance Epilogue
06 - Agents & Secrets Bibliography
07 - A Band of Idiots Author's Notes
08 - Weapon & Motive Appendices
09 - Reassurance    A - Booth's 1864 Manifesto
10 - "I Saw John Wilkes Booth!"    B - Booth's Diary
11 - The Chamber Maid    C - Atzerodt's Confession
12 - Obstruction of Justice    D - Arnold's Confession
13 - Lie or Die!    E - The Radicals in Missouri
14 - Following the Script Index

Abraham Lincoln was single-handedly preventing a political faction from taking control of the United States.
When General Lee surrendered in April, 1865, this faction had only a few days to change Lincoln's course or their quest for power would be foiled.

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About this Web Site exists not only to introduce this important book, but to provide an ongoing story of its progress, and to present to interested readers additional information relevant to the truth about Abraham Lincoln's untimely death.  The Articles section provides fascinating supplementary reading by the book's author as well as the editor.  We encourage visitors to return periodically to read the latest articles.

Book Review

The Roger J. Norton Lincoln Discussion Symposium has posted their review about the new book by Don Thomas, "The Reason Lincoln Had to Die" and it can be read at . The Symposium features opinions by such notable and trusted history experts as Laurel Verge and Betty Owens, who often advise the public about a new book's credibility. In turn, their professional assessments carry a lot of influence with history buffs who follow and participate in these discussions.

I am Don Thomas author of that new book, and was delighted with the attention my book received on the Norton site. Because the subject of the book is contrary to mainstream history, I was not at all surprised about the criticism I received from both the professional and non-professional participants. During my independent research I uncovered long suppressed evidence which solved the age-old mystery about Booth's accomplices in his terrorist attack against the United States government, killing the President and severely wounding his Secretary of State. I have taken great pains to document this evidence, which almost none have ever read, and for that reason I do not expect nor wish anyone to accept my findings at face value. 

The one thing I did find most disappointing from the review, was no debate about my smoking gun evidence to prove a War Department cover-up. No one has ever explained why James Donaldson and Seward's chambermaid were never investigated.

Before you form an opinion about my book, visit my website articles first, in the articles section . Read my uncovered evidence, check its sources, join the symposium discussions and voice your own opinion.

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